Now I'm delusional?

I started my day thinking I had all day and night to concentrate on my transcription business to prepare for a knitting retreat this weekend. Awww, sweet delusions. My brain finally switched on and I realized I have to prepare for and teach a 4 hour class tonight at the community college, catch up the laundry, make a deposit, go to the grocery store, make sure my son fills out the application for the scholarship competition, and try to type 2 days worth of transcription. Oh ya, and I need to pack. If I could give myself a 'look' it would be the What-Were-You-Thinking kind of look. I feel tired.

BUT..... I am leaving tomorrow morning for a trip to Yachats (on the Oregon coast) for a knitting retreat with friends and acquaintances. Makes me smile.

Knitting projects that get to go on the trip:
> Sea Wool socks
> Pi shawl
> Hypoteneuse stole

I think that is enough to keep me happy.

Woolies that get to keep me warm on the trip:
> Sock Hop socks
> Jaywalker socks
> Clapotis
> Plummy waistcoat
> Noro Hat
> Gretel beret (for a more refined look).
> Fingerless mitts

It promises to be a pleasant diversion. There will be lots of knitting, and I will get to spend time visiting with a friend who is a kindred spirit. Kindred Knitter Knoodle (having similar thoughts and ideas). I must not forget the camera.


Noro Hat

YARN: Noro Silver Thaw, color 13
NEEDLE: US 7 Harmony, magic loop style.
MODIFICATIONS: Cast on 85. After approximately 45 rows, I decreased 10 stitches in row 2 of the knit rounds.
VERDICT: Very comfortable. The hat is reversible. My stitch count allowed the yarn to start a new color every 4 rows which coincided with the pattern, so the hat is reversible with slightly different colors showing. This side had the most blues and purples which is what I like.


Seamless Shirtback pullover ready for service

This is the third and final time I will finish this Seamless Shirtback pullover. At last.

This is E.Z.'s recipe from her book "Knitting Without Tears". I knit this last spring for my son. I had him try it on before I soaked it, and it was too loose through the shoulders. So I ripped it down past the shoulders to where the sleeves were added and started again. I finished it for the second time last summer and the shoulders looked good, but the neck was a little high and snug. This time, I concentrated on the neckline. I did not rip back - I tried to troubleshoot. I needed to create a neckline that would come down like a V and make the neck opening bigger.

I chose to steek and cut. I steeked straight down from the neck edge and cut out the piece from the middle, holding the bottom stitches on a needle.
Then I picked up live stitches along the bottom for the right side and knit up towards the neck nipping a stitch at the side to attach it as I went.

Then the other side.
And then knit around the neck edge to create the neck band.
Lastly, I used the same color as the hem facings and single-crochet stitched the V for a finishing touch.
The final product. My son was kind enough to model it while it was snowing.

And yes, I know the sleeves are too long but he gets to live with it**. Since the hem facings are a different color, it doesn't look too bad if he folds them up. A soak in the tub made the yarn bloom a little and helped 'seat' the stitches. I think this pullover is very flattering on men.

I found out a couple of days ago that a couple of friends, who are fellow knitters, are sending me a very generous gift. My heart welled up, overflowed, and ran down my cheeks for quite a while after I got their message. My heart is still full - I don't have words yet, but I am sure I will have words and pictures soon enough.

I want to thank Lynn at The Raveled Sleeve for awarding me the "You Make My Day" award. Lynn began visiting my blog soon after I started. She has been faithful in leaving me comments, which is something most bloggers appreciate, and supportive of my projects. She is smart and witty, and I admire her zest for life. Thank you, Lynn.

**I could cut the sleeves off just above the hem facing, then knit down and create a new hem facing which, when folded up, would shorten the sleeve. But am I up for it..... I dunno.


In need of a tune-up

I think long term sleep deprivation has significantly impacted my thought processes, and this is a busy time of year that adds a hunk of stress to the mix. This happened a little while ago and is an example of what I mean.

>(thinking to self) I need to put the seasoned meat in a covered bowl so Son-of-My-Heart can make himself tacos when he gets home from rehearsals.

>I can use a small bowl and I think there are some in the dishwasher so I will just unload those.

>It looks like the bowls have been unloaded, so I will grab cups and mugs and put them away.

>We are dirtying a lot more mugs now that Son is making himself coffee. I wonder if he uses the same mug more than once.

> My mug is here on the counter next to the espresso machine.

> I think I will have a cup of coffee.

> No, I think I will make a cup of tea with the Jasmine tea I bought today.

> (Fill mug with water. Unwrap box of tea. Put mug in microwave to heat).

> Walk out of the kitchen.

Fortunately I remembered the meat and realized why I went in the kitchen to begin with.

I just remembered that my cup of tea is still in the microwave. It is probably cold now.


I have been honored by Celadon Pool with an award:

Thank you! I am so grateful to become acquainted with such wonderful people. Thank you, Susan for visiting and commenting on my blog.

I am to choose 10 other bloggers for this award**, so in no particular order:
1. Twisted Knitster.
2. Molly Knits Sweaters.
3. KnitSpot.
4. Yarn over Manhattan.
5. a simple yarn.
6. Rosemary-go-round.
7. Raveled Sleeve.
8. Pats Knitting and Quilting.
9. Riihivilla.
10. Knit Together.
and of course, Celadon Pool.

There are several more that I would like to put on that list.

**("Give the award to 10 people whose blogs bring you happiness and inspiration and make you feel happy about blogland. Let them know by posting a comment on their blog so they can pass it on. Beware you may get the award several times.")


Gretel in action

Great pattern, Ysolda.

Yarn: Fleece Artist Kid Silk 2-Ply. It has several subtle colors: off white, gold, blue, green. Like something that is iridescent.
Needles: 4 mm for ribbing and 4.5 mm for hat body. I used magic loop method until the very last few rows when I switched to dpns.
Pattern: There are 3 sizes in the pattern, and I did the "regular" size.

I learned the st. st. tubular caston for this hat and I really like it. I hope to eventually learn the other tubular castons. I plan to make matching fingerless mittens or maybe Chevalier mittens.


Regia K.F. socks

My first time using Regia sock yarn. I really like the fabric it makes. It feels durable. Although it is not soft like merino, it is also not scratchy. Once I put these on I did not want to take them off again.

Yarn: Regia sock yarn, Design Line by Kaffe Fassett
Needle: 2 mm circular, magic loop method
Pattern: My own. Knit from the top down. A picot edge at the top, stockinette stitch, and slip-stitch heel flap.

I wound my Posh yarn last night. The colors are perfect and the yarn makes me happy. Celadon Pool generously sent me this lovely yarn all the way from the U.K.

I have this weird thing in my head where I get very excited about a special yarn but I won't knit with it because I am afraid my project won't be worthy of the yarn. When I was little and I received something nice, I would always try to make it last as long as possible. Sometimes it backfired. The nice thing wouldn't last for one reason or another and then I lost the full enjoyment of it. So I am going to knit with this and enjoy it thoroughly.

The 3 dogs staying warm and enjoying their woobies. Actually, the middle one is a dog-wannabe. I have been trying to get a picture of them doing this for a while now but Sparky (the one on the right) gets up whenever he sees the camera.



Gretel is fresh off the needles.

She had her bath in lavender scented shampoo and is blocking on a dinner plate. (The color in the picture below is way off - bad lighting).Details will come later when I try her on.

I have graduated from using the back of a chair to this....

Granted, it is not the beautiful wood swift I have been wishing for, but I will take it! I bought this on e-bay last month. It is attached to the small bookshelf that sits on my desk. No ball winder - I use a nostepinne to wind the yarn by hand. I can wind a little when I take a break from work. This is the lace weight yarn for the Bee Fields shawl. I did not want to try winding this off the back of the chair and risk it getting tangled.


Rogue hoodie

Rogue hoodie was finished December 30. My last FO in 2007. I made it for my daughter ....

PATTERN: Rogue from The Girl from Auntie
YARN: Plymouth Encore, worsted weight, color - English Fern.
NEEDLE: Lantern Moon Destiny ebony circular US8.

The pattern is well done - very clear instructions and the design is flattering. My daughter wanted extra long sleeves, so the sleeves come half way down her hand. She put it on and said she liked it, then after inspection in the mirror she said she loved it, which is very high praise indeed. I chose to knit it with Encore because she wanted to make sure it was washer proof - just in case it accidentally gets thrown in with the laundry at college. Smart girl.