Farmers' market organic produce. I am exploring new recipes since I will soon be cooking for just myself. I enjoy roasted vegetables. I cut up zucchini, yellow crook-neck squash, red onion, and purple, red, and white fingerling potatoes. It was so colorful that I had to take a picture. Then I sprinkled it with minced garlic, drizzled it with olive oil, and seasoned it generously with basil. I don't usually cook with salt, but I used a little to help bring out the flavors. I roasted it in the oven occasionally tossing the veggies until they were cooked but not mushy. The seasoning was not enough. I tried thyme the last time I roasted veggies, but it wasn't enough either. I am still learning. Any suggestions?

My son said I was starving him and that it needs meat and gravy. *sigh*


The sky was very orange last night because of the smoke in the valley from the wildfires. I tried to capture a picture of the orange sun, but even this picture does not capture how orange it looked. Several firefighters from this area recently died while performing their duties. My heart goes out to their families.
This yarn is very yummy.....
Fleece Artist Sea Wool. I won a blog contest on a friend's blog several months ago and this was one of the prizes. I have not found this yarn locally, so this is a real treat. Last February I started a Monkey sock with this yarn, but I ripped it out because it didn't 'feel' right. Then I started a Siren sock with this yarn, and I ripped it out because it didn't seem right either. (do you know what I mean??). Several events came between me and the yarn, and now I am finally able to come back to it. I decided to knit a simple chevron pattern to showcase the colors running through the yarn. A garter stitch top seemed best for the cuff so that it could flex with the chevron. As I was getting ready to cast on, I decided to find the label, long since buried in the bottom of my bag, and double check my needle size. Wouldn't you know, they have a free pattern on the label that is a chevron pattern similar to what I am doing. Too funny. My design is different enough that I can still feel like I 'made it up'.

The colors in this yarn remind me of old gold, slightly tarnished silver, and rich mahogany wood. It has a little bit of a Victorian feel to me for reasons I can't explain. Knitting with it reminds me of the warmth of friendship. I seem to need that right now.


Socks from my handspun yarn

Simple socks knit from my handspun yarn that I recently spun from fiber purchased from Capistrano Fiber Arts . The valley is full of smoke from the wildfires and the light is very orange, giving my socks an orange tint. Think shades of rose, pink, scarlet, soft yellow, and shades of green. I bought this particular fiber because the colors remind me of a rose garden.

My yarn is inconsistent ranging from light fingering to sport weight. I chose to knit these on a 3.0 mm needle (magic loop style).

That was fun. I want to do it again.


The Internet is rich with inspiration

And now Knotions is live.

It is kind of like knitting vicariously. I have to remember to stop looking at what everyone else is knitting/designing and do some of my own.


Twist Collective

Twist Collective online magazine is up and running. I like to learn and be inspired, and it looks like this will be a good resource. goody goody goody.....