A lovely friend brought pumpkin presents yesterday. These are Harry and David pumpkin spice maltballs. Each one is coated with a rich, creamy coating that lasts a long time in your mouth before you get down to the maltball center. Yummy!

Harry and David's original store is in this area. When I was a child, they had a reject stand where they sold their blemished fruit. The quality standards on their fruit baskets were very high, and oftentimes a small bruise was enough to send fruit to the reject stand. We used to be able to get wonderful bargains on boxes of apples and pears. That is long gone now. It is no longer locally owned and is much more commercial and tourist-driven. The good thing is they provide a lot of jobs, especially around the holidays.


I was at the store buying a pie for my birthday when I came across this dvd. Wallace and Gromit!! with Shaun the Sheep. hee hee hee. what fun. I don't have television service, and so little things like this bring a lot of pleasure.


An unimaginative picture of no-frills socks.

Started a few years ago , one finished one sock sat alone in the project bag waiting to be a pair. I didn't like the feel of the yarn. Not wanting to be wasteful, when I came across it recently I forced myself to finish the other sock. I originally liked this color because it reminded me of wool plaid shirts. Now this pair can enter into service with my other hand knit socks.


Windstorm. Leaves from my neighbors' trees are blowing into my yard. I like the riot of color it creates.

The dogwood wears pink in autumn.


This is the first of the fingers (the pinky) and it has given me a little trouble. I tinked it back once and this is my second attempt. I like glove needles. Using glove needles allows me to knit the fingers while leaving my regular dpns in the stitches instead of putting the stitches on waste yarn.

I needed to order a couple of extra needle tips, and wouldn't you know they had this book at 40% off. I decided to take advantage of the sale.
I look forward to reading it cover to cover.


I have only 6 rows left before I can cast off my cardigan. Then pick up stitches and knit the neck band. Then done! ( aside from weaving in ends, etc.) Only 2 short seams , one in each armpit. It is my own design - an A-line cardigan. I will see how well I did once I get it off the needles and try it on.

I changed my mind on the yarn for my lacy baktus. I switched to Posh yarn. I had been saving this for gloves to match the lacy scarf I knitted last year, but ... I really like it in this pattern. It pushes my happy button.

Looks like a wedge of pizza. Must be close to dinner time.


The 1st of October signals the beginning of my month-long Pumpkin Quest.

I like to enjoy pumpkin in its many forms in the month of October. I kicked off my pumpkin-mania today with some pumpkin ice cream. Other possible pumpkin treats on the month-long pumpkin quest include: a pumpkin pie blizzard at Dairy Queen, a pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks, a pumpkin muffin with cream cheese filling, the smell of a pumpkin lantern with a cinnamon candle inside, roasted pumpkin seeds, finding the perfect pumpkin soup recipe, and pumpkin pie for my birthday. It sounds like a lot of food, but being spread out over 4 weeks makes it reasonable. It is a little bit like a scavenger hunt - some pumpkin things happen and others don't. And then sometimes I have big pumpkin surprises, like last year when a friend brought a basket of pumpkin goodies to me at work. How did she know!!

Mmmmm pumpkin.

The beginnings of a Lacy Baktus.