The 1st of October signals the beginning of my month-long Pumpkin Quest.

I like to enjoy pumpkin in its many forms in the month of October. I kicked off my pumpkin-mania today with some pumpkin ice cream. Other possible pumpkin treats on the month-long pumpkin quest include: a pumpkin pie blizzard at Dairy Queen, a pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks, a pumpkin muffin with cream cheese filling, the smell of a pumpkin lantern with a cinnamon candle inside, roasted pumpkin seeds, finding the perfect pumpkin soup recipe, and pumpkin pie for my birthday. It sounds like a lot of food, but being spread out over 4 weeks makes it reasonable. It is a little bit like a scavenger hunt - some pumpkin things happen and others don't. And then sometimes I have big pumpkin surprises, like last year when a friend brought a basket of pumpkin goodies to me at work. How did she know!!

Mmmmm pumpkin.

The beginnings of a Lacy Baktus.


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