I have an even deeper appreciation for what I see Californians facing during fire season.

My neighbor sent me these photos of Monday's fire near our neighborhood. The pictures I took were of the fire before it swept across the hill. These pictures were taken later after the fire crossed the hill and was ravaging this ridge. I am grateful to the person who keeps the field in this picture mowed. It kept the fire from coming further down the hill.

There was an all out battle - 3 helicopters with buckets , 2 tanker planes dropping water, and a plane dropping retardant.

In all, 600 acres burned. The excitement is over. for us. There are other fires in this region. We are left with a charred hillside but thankfully no lives or houses were lost. amazing.


At 9/26/2009 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

God bless the firemen I say. They did an awesome job saving all those houses.


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