Sock Summit, continued...

After I registered, I sat outside Starbucks and watched people/knitters come and go. I saw Anne Hanson walk across the street and I wanted to jump up and say hello. Fortunately, I remembered that, although I knew who she was (I have been following her blog for 3 years), she did not know me except through comments on her blog. So I remained in my chair and marveled at hearing her voice for the first time as she greeted a friend. Many other familiar faces from knitting blogs passed in front of me as they headed to the convention center. It was amazing to see so much of the online knitting community in the flesh.

I thought this picture was funny. This is outside Starbucks. It looks like the red sign is pointing to the tables and chairs....

in case you can't read it, it says "Park Here $50".

Opening night was was funny and awesome. Stephanie and Tina shared, through their laughter, tears, and delirium from exhaustion, the evolution of Sock Summit. Many of the great names of knitting were sitting at the tables in front.

I got to sit with 2 of the greats from my hometown, Chelsea and Sonja...


At 8/14/2009 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh I heard Stephanie (Yarn Harlot) here in the UK in London last year, and she was great. Lots of laughing and some tears too.

Ann Hanson is one of my favourite designers too.


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