Poor eyesight is good for dieting. At least that was the case this evening.

I stopped at the store today to get the ingredients for homemade cookies. I don't often bake anymore, but this was to be a treat. I quickly mixed up the ingredients this evening so I could get back to my transcription work. I scooped up some dough on my finger to make sure it tasted right. Mmmm good. It is a Mrs. Field's recipe that I modified to suit my tastes. Then I noticed a tiny ant on my other hand. I immediately wondered where it came from, since there weren't any ants on the counter. I went down a mental list of possibilities and my mind stopped on the brown sugar. Usually I double-bag it, but since ants have not been in that cupboard I neglected to do that this time. Yup. Ants in the brown sugar. Ants mixed in the cookie dough. Ants in the yummy dough I licked off my finger. Everything went in the trash. The cookie monster part of me tried to tell me that in some cultures ants are considered food. Not in this house. ick. No homemade cookies.

Tour de Fleece
Stage 13, Vittel to Comar
I only spin a few minutes at a time these days, so progress is slow. This is mixed wool. I like the neps and the streaks of navy blue and deep red in the purple. It gives the color depth.

I find that I am building a nest next to my desk.
One basket holds a finished red and white dishcloth that I started at Christmas time and a ball-band dishcloth that I recently started with a combination of denim blues and shades of peach. Another basket holds the fiber that I am currently spinning. And the 3rd basket holds a black cotton cardigan that I am designing for myself. Just out of sight is my knitting bowl that is holding socks that I am designing. Having knitting near me is like having a 'woobie' (a comforting blanky).


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