Black Sheep Gathering in Eugene, Oregon.

Angora goat.

The livestock barns are connected to the other barns. The show ring separates the livestock pens from the vendors that set up in the other barns, also connected. I loved the chorus of sounds in the barn. It would have been fun to record it.

My goal this year was simple. Arrive at the Gathering first thing in the morning (Eugene is 3 hours away from my home), set up my wheel in the spinner's circle, and find some fiber to purchase and spin while I enjoy the company of the other spinners.

I found 10 ounces of Corriedale in denim blue. It has been a goal of mine to try Corriedale - I think it might make good sock yarn. I also bought some mixed wool that is dyed purple with streaks of navy blue and dark red. The vendor told me it has neps in it, which suits me fine as I think I will spin a slightly untamed yarn with it. I also purchased a guage to help me maintain the size of my singles in order to ply a certain weight of yarn (did that make sense?).

I met The Bon (she bakes wonderful bread, check out her blog), Tigereye and her daughter (a talented fiber artist using felting needles), and others from whom I forgot to ask names (must of been the wool fumes). I was pleasantly suprised to see Laurie Weinsoft, my spinning teacher from last year, in the spinners circle. I counted 24 wheels in the spinning circle at one time, and many more scattered around the fringes and in other parts of the Gathering.

I left early that evening feeling refreshed and satisfied. The drive home was lovely. I arrived just as the sun set.


At 6/23/2009 , Blogger fleegle said...

Oh, I wish I had been there--it looks wonderful!

Yup--thin and even, that's me!


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