We had a tsunami warning on the television's emergency broadcast system today. I was surprised, so I watched to make sure my county was included in the announcement, and it was. What makes this remarkable is the Pacific Ocean is about 3 hours west of here on the other side of the Coastal Range. That is one big tsunami.

1 and 1/2 sleeps until Sock Summit. It looks like I will be going even with all the other things happening in my life right now.

ETA: The mayor of Portland declared this Sock Knitting Week. See the proclamation on the Blue Moon Fiber Arts blog And Oregon Public Broadcasting’s show, "Think Out Loud" is having an episode called the Joy of Knitting tomorrow morning (Wednesday, August 5).


At 8/07/2009 , Blogger Lynn said...

I'm guessing this is not the same mayor of Portland who posed for the famous "expose yourself to art" poster in the early 70's? A relative, maybe?


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