Sock Summit continued

Chelsea brought Voodoo Donuts before classes one morning. Such a sweety. I wish I had a better picture of the lace top that Sonja is wearing. It is lovely.

Terri and Sonja...

My first class was with Amy Singer of Knitty.com. At this point I suddenly forgot that my camera takes pictures and stores them. I must have forgotten, because I stopped taking pictures and did not realize it until I tried loading them on my computer.

Amy signed my bag....

Friday, I had a class with Lucy Neatby on double knitting. She is a great instructor. I want to buy her DVD on double knitting.

Saturday, I had an all-day class with Ann Hanson on sock design. A terrible picture, but there it is. A rare moment when I remembered what my camera was for.

I took a couple of books with me for the book signing. I was standing in line for Nancy Bush and got a picture of Cat Bordhi...

Charlene Schurch (and Cookie A's shoulder)...
I stopped Ann Budd and told her how much I like her books, or at least I meant to say that. To my ears it sounded like " Hi uh blah blah blah uh blah blah". I must have sounded like a dork. I sounded the same way when I tried to talk to Nancy Bush. I told myself to stop talking.

I didn't buy much at the marketplace. Everytime I went in I felt sensory overload from all the lovely yarn and colors. I let myself buy a mill end from Blue Moon Fiber and a few knitting notions..

Some pictures from the gardens at the OCC...

A bell donated from a city in Japan. It is huge, gorgeous, and has a lovely sound.
Part of the garden included huge sections of log from an old-growth tree. I loved this. It reminded me of what I saw in the woods as I hiked and camped in my younger years. There is a tree growing out of the remains of the huge log.
Sunday I had a class with Cookie A. Then it was time to leave. This is looking back at the convention center from the light rail where I am waiting for my ride back to the airport. I watched as people were walking in for the luminary panel at the close of Sock Summit.

Such a lovely event. I hope it inspires more.


At 9/08/2009 , Blogger fleegle said...

Looks like a wonderful time!! Wish I could have gone.

I hope you have fun with my short rows :)


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