Today is significant for 2 reasons. One is that it is my mother's birthday. The other is the trauma inflicted on people of several nationalities at the World Trade Center 8 years ago.

I prefer to focus on my mother's birthday today. I do not want to think about the other too much.

But as the day closes I find myself thinking of the people in those buildings this day 8 years ago, and those who rushed to their rescue. Hate and evil is nothing new in this world. It is an old story. It makes the selflessness of those who tried to save others shine like stars in a black night. I can't help but think of those who died trying to save others. in spite of feeling afraid. in spite of the magnitude of the task. rushing towards danger to help others. This is what I choose to contemplate. Hoping it inspires me to be selfless.

I have heard some say that Americans deserved this. I have heard some very likable people echo this sentiment. I feel this says more about the person who says this than the people they choose to devalue. Very sad. America is a large country made up of many different people. Hatred bent towards harming innocent people is a terrible, evil thing.

I will focus instead on the acts of selflessness. American people giving up their lives in order to save others.


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