Fun at BSG

I went to the Black Sheep Gathering hoping to find fun, friends, and rest. I wasn't disappointed.

My beginning spinning workshop was all day Friday and it was over-the-top. Laurie Weinsoft was not only a good instructor but a very generous one. She got everyone started with their wheels, and then she offered a broad spectrum of fibers for us to try. We tried roving, batts, locks, fresh raw wool, silk hankies, dyed silk coccoons (lollipops?), silk roving, ... you get the idea. We also tried handcards and drum carders with dyed roving. Serious fun. I had no idea I would get all of that in a beginning class. Thanks Laurie!!

I packed my camera and charged the extra battery.... and, at the end of the day in the car, I realized I did not take any pictures. Maybe I was giddy with wool fumes.

I saw 2 Betty Roberts wheels in person, 5 feet away, I stopped and my jaw dropped. Wow. Beauty and function.

I got to say hello to Marnie and The Bellwether and Cheryl of Knitting on the Rogue River and Lori of Capistrano Fiber and Bonnie of The Bon and Michele and .... and sometimes we were having fun talking fiber and forgot to introduce ourselves.

I let myself buy some treats...

Fiber from Capistrano Fiber Arts...
Mill ends of Socks that Rock ....
A specially designed diz (it is the large clear circle and the blue beads are the handle to the little hook) .....

Silk hankies....
orifice hook, spinning wheel oil, Jacquard dye in Vermillion, and a basket.

The highlight, though, was taking a workshop. and meeting people. and getting some rest.


I am off like a dropped stitch

I am leaving in an hour for the Black Sheep Gathering in Eugene. I am trying to squeeze in as much work as I can before I leave, and then I am driving as far as Cottage Grove tonight. Friday I am registered for an all-day spinning class. I get to play with fiber ALL DAY!

Saturday, I will be celebrating S.O.S.A.D. . . .
Strangely Orange Snack Appreciation Day, June 21

and I will be attending a pajama party at Middleford Yarn. A nice little vacation.



I experimented with dyeing some yarn that I had ordered online and didn't care for once it arrived. This is Knit Picks Memories fingering weight merino in the Red Hat colorway that I bought on clearance several months ago.
I didn't care for the the light purple/blue (looks like white). I decided to alter it by dyeing it with Jacquard Dye "gunmetal". It muted the contrast nicely and the yarn still feels soft.
A chapter closes. My youngest graduated high school
Little brother and big sister.