I have seen others wear their Baktus scarves this way, so I tried it. I like it.  The point is in front with the ends brought around to the front and tied. I then rolled down the top part. I might need to knit another Baktus.

I don't think it was me.... was it me?.... I don't think it was me..

I called a corporate business office located on a medical campus of several buildings to get their location...

Me:  Hello, I am calling for the location of your office.

Them:  "We are in this building."

thinking to myself: did someone actually just say that?!  Am I in an Abbott and Costello movie?
this person was serious.


Jaywalkers. I prefer to think of them as snowy mountain peaks.

Yarn:  KnitPicks Memories, sadly discontinued.
Needle:  2.25 mm (I think) circular, magic-loop style
Pattern:  Jaywalker, medium

I am still working on my other pair of socks. Those are progressing slowly as I have to follow the chart, and they stay at home. It is time to start another travelling sock. I pulled the Pagewood Farm sock yarn out of my stash and split the hank into 2 balls. I want to accent the stripes and limit pooling, so I am using both balls to create 2-row stripes. I need practice switching colors in-the-round, and this is a good project on which to practice.


Valentines Day is fast approaching.  With that in mind, I thought I would share a blog that I have had fun reading.  The blog is "Advertising for Love", a collection of personal ads from the nineteenth century.