Jaywalkers. I prefer to think of them as snowy mountain peaks.

Yarn:  KnitPicks Memories, sadly discontinued.
Needle:  2.25 mm (I think) circular, magic-loop style
Pattern:  Jaywalker, medium

I am still working on my other pair of socks. Those are progressing slowly as I have to follow the chart, and they stay at home. It is time to start another travelling sock. I pulled the Pagewood Farm sock yarn out of my stash and split the hank into 2 balls. I want to accent the stripes and limit pooling, so I am using both balls to create 2-row stripes. I need practice switching colors in-the-round, and this is a good project on which to practice.


At 2/25/2010 , Anonymous Susan said...

not thought of that to stop pooling, but sometimes quite like what the yarn does by itself.

Love the snowy mountain peaks, just right for the Whistler mountains where the Olympics are.

At 2/25/2010 , Blogger Charity said...

Love your mountain peaks! :o)


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