Are we there yet..

How do I explain what I have been experiencing....

The knitting version of the Bermuda Triangle?
A wrinkle in the knitting continuum?
The opposite of the cobbler's elves?

I just cannot put my knitting needle on it, but all I know is I have been knitting, knitting more, and then knitting faster, and there is very little progress. It is like the marathon runner trying to run the race in waist deep water.

Anyway, according to my schedule I should have finished the sleeves to the jacket last Saturday, but I still have 3 inches to go. They look just like the picture of the two fronts done on one long circular needle. I have also been trying to finish the *cough* Socktoberfest socks, but it is the same thing - a lot of effort and little progress. I want to finish these socks, which are for my son, so that I can knit myself a pair of warm wool socks. I have to get them off the needles! It should not be this hard. There are also the Christmas gifts that I am knitting but these are quick knits...Hopefully!! zoweez. I am going to have to knit everywhere - even in the bathroom.


Yorkshire Tweed jacket WIP

The back is done. I am knitting the front pieces at the same time on one cable needle. I just have to keep track of which one is the right side and which one is the left.

I enjoy telling about good customer service when I come across it. My Denise Needles set has been one of my best purchases and I have been using them for over 6 months. I broke one of my size 5 needles while doing seed stitch and decided to send it in for a replacement. While I was at it I also sent my size 9's and a cable because they seemed to have a loose fit. A week later I got a wonderful letter from them along with new 5's, new 9's, and a set of new cables to replace my original ones (and they said to keep the old cables for stitch holders, etc). They were professional and yet friendly when I talked with them on the phone. Don't you love it when a business goes above and beyond in order to provide good customer service?! Businesses that have no concept of good customer service are so common place that it gets discouraging, and so I want to crow about the businesses where I have good experiences.



The picture of my daughter's sock monkey hat did not make the Knitty Calendar 2007 BUT it was one of the honorable mentions. Hee hee. How exciting.

Yorkshire Tweed - I seriously like it

The woven stitch - I have also seen it called the linen stitch. It causes the flecks of color to go in different directions. I really like it. really really. I want to get the jacket done for this season so I am revving the turbo jets on my knitting mojo. (the color is a much deeper red than this)


Swatching Toscana

Swatching Rowan Yorkshire Tweed Chunky for the Toscana jacket in Simply Knit 2


Pattern: Interweave Knits Spring 2005, Flowered Waistcoat - with modifications.
Yarn: Rowan Yorkshire Tweed Aran in Wild Plum
Modifications: The obvious one is that I chose not to do the intarsia. The fabric itself has rectangles of reverse stockinet so I let this texture provide the visual interest and I think it shows off the tweed. Secondly, I knit the armhole seed stitch bands in the round for 6 rows and left them flat instead of making the rolled band look of the pattern. I did, however, follow the pattern for the rolled seed stitch neck band.

(...so should I put my hand here?...click)

A close up of the seed stitch neck band using the flash)


Socktoberfest WIP

The picture bears witness to my lack of a finished socktoberfest project. Fortunately I am now on the cuffs so the pace should pick up a little. This is my first toe-up sock and first short-row heel. I got creative on the heel. I guess it is a flap-on-the-bottom heel and then I tried short rows. I would like to figure out a better way. My son has a 'deep' heel and so I could not start the short row heel when the sock reached his ankle bone because there were still about 2-1/2 inches before the back of his heel. Suggestions?