Are we there yet..

How do I explain what I have been experiencing....

The knitting version of the Bermuda Triangle?
A wrinkle in the knitting continuum?
The opposite of the cobbler's elves?

I just cannot put my knitting needle on it, but all I know is I have been knitting, knitting more, and then knitting faster, and there is very little progress. It is like the marathon runner trying to run the race in waist deep water.

Anyway, according to my schedule I should have finished the sleeves to the jacket last Saturday, but I still have 3 inches to go. They look just like the picture of the two fronts done on one long circular needle. I have also been trying to finish the *cough* Socktoberfest socks, but it is the same thing - a lot of effort and little progress. I want to finish these socks, which are for my son, so that I can knit myself a pair of warm wool socks. I have to get them off the needles! It should not be this hard. There are also the Christmas gifts that I am knitting but these are quick knits...Hopefully!! zoweez. I am going to have to knit everywhere - even in the bathroom.


At 11/30/2006 , Anonymous Holly Burnham said...

I think your problem is putting a time frame on your knitting projects. That makes them disagreeable. Act as if you don't care when they're done and they will slide along as quickly as can be. They are tricky little guys and love to irk you.

At 11/30/2006 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I feel your pain. You may be pressing just a bit. I changed projects and it helped my attitude. I still knit slowly but I can see the sock growing ever so slowly. My guess is that your Son is a big straping guy and it's taking a little longer than you had thought. My wife has been working on sleeves for my sweater for a long time and she feels the same way. Don't keep measuring unless you are close to finishing the part of the pattern. A watched pot never boils or a constantly measured project never seems to grow. You have a little fan club here in So Ca cheering you on. Goooooooooo Punkin!

At 11/30/2006 , Blogger Punkin said...

Thank you for your comments. You are right about knitting on a schedule. I am looking forward to relaxed, enjoyable knitting in the near future.


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