The lap shawl is done and has been gifted. I think of this as the 'sand and surf' lap shawl. My friend is fond of warm beaches, and I hope this comforts her on cold winter mornings. The pattern is the Hap Blanket by Ysolda.

The BBC series Cranford is one of my favorites. Recently it was sharply discounted on Amazon, and so I gave myself a treat. Now I have the DVDs.....
It is a period drama. The cast is remarkable. The humor is delightful. The insight into the challenges of life in the 1800's is enlightening and at times heartbreaking. It left me wanting more.

While fishing around to see if there were any other period dramas similar in quality to Cranford, I came across Lark Rise to Candleford, another enjoyable BBC series. I don't feel it is on the same level as Cranford, but I like what I see of it.

Thanksgiving is my favorite of all the holidays. It is with joy that I reflect on the blessings that I and my family have been given. I celebrate like it is Thanksgiving and Christmas rolled into one. It has also for the most part escaped the flash and glare of consumerism - that starts the day after. Fortunately, Thanksgiving Day itself is left intact.

I wish everyone peace and joy this holiday season.


This little bag is cheerful. I smile inside when I look at it. My sock needles were all empty and so I started a new pair of socks. I have been looking forward to learning toe-up techniques from Wendy Knits' new book.

I really like this book.

I finished my darning project during this same time, and it occurred to me that I need to reinforce the bottom of the heel to help guard against wear and tear there. So I abandoned my original plan and veered down a rabbit trail.

It occured to me that I need a slip stitch flap on the bottom of the heel, and so I did both. I created a 2-1/2 inch slipped stitch flap on the bottom of the heel and continued the slipped stitch pattern up the back of the heel until I finished the gusset decreases.

I think I will do a stockinette leg. I am still undecided about the cuff.

I find that my basic top-down sock pattern is one of my most favorites to wear, and so I will keep to the simple and basic on this toe-up pattern. (Unless I get drawn down another rabbit trail. )


I had to resort to bathroom mirror pics

Anybody home?? Nope...



timer shots.


Back to the mirror.


Oh well, I give up....
My variation on Aibhlinn. To be honest, I wasn't planning on having it go quite this large, but oh well. There is a lot of silk in this wool, and it kept stretching and stretching and ....

Rowan silk/wool - can't remember the exact name. It feels lovely. I like the character of the silk. It can be worn several different ways. When worn with a coat, I will use it more like a cowl/hood. It can even be double wrapped for more of a cowl look. You will have to use your imagination. I wasn't having fun with taking pictures.


The Pioneer Woman Cooks inspires and entertains me daily. Today I was inspired to make squash, carrot, and curry soup for dinner. Mmmm, the taste of autumn. This pot of soup has a full tablespoon of curry in it, and I agree with The Pioneer Woman that it defines this soup. Yum.

The Lacy Baktus is off the needles. I think I ran out of light for pictures. I am looking forward to when the days get longer instead of shorter.

The Benchsitters (socks I started a couple of months ago, my own design) are also off the needles. Hopefully my son will feel inclined to help me with photos.


Trying to make stitches where there was only a gaping hole.

Evidently I am guilty of sock neglect. This has been a sturdy pair of socks, but when the hole happened it took out the whole heel from the bottom of the heel flap to the gusset. Ugh. Learned my lesson. Catch it before the hole happens.

I made a grid out of sock thread (wooly nylon) to stabilize it, and then I began to recreate the heel stitches. Instead of using the same yarn (100% merino), I decided to make the patch using sock yarn that has nylon in it.

My finger hurts. I think I need a thimble before I start the next one.

I recently had a sock wash (I tend to do them all at once). It was an opportunity to inspect my flock of socks and compare the durability of the yarns I have used.

My first socks were knit out of Opal sock yarn about 4 years ago and they are still going strong. No pilling. My hands don't like to knit with it, though. If feels stringy.

Regia - a great sock yarn that is durable and has minimal pilling. This yarn feels great on my feet. I understand why it has such a loyal following.

KnitPicks Memories sock yarn, sadly discontinued. Going strong after 3 years. The socks have felted a little on the sole and the yarn pills a little, but the socks hold their shape. One heel is starting to get a little thin.

SeaWool - Yummy yarn. Holds up amazingly well. No pilling. I want more.

There are luxury yarns that I like but are not as durable as these, so those are for "special" socks. And then there are a couple others where the yarn faded, looks yucky, and doesn't feel all that great, so they get worn as house socks. Wool is wool, after all, and still does its job of keeping my feet cozy.


Done! It is like coming to end of a great adventure and seeing home in the distance - very satisfying and happy to be done. I made designer notes as I went along so that I could write the pattern. I am a little intimidated by pattern writing. Hopefully, I will eventually be able to share with those who are interested.