Skinny Scarf knitted with Oh My

Yarn: 'Oh My' by Plymouth Yarns, 1 ball of each color
Needles: Size 10-1/2
Stitch: The woven stitch

I love the woven stitch and I like the idea of a skinny scarf with lengthwise stripes. I cast on 400 stitches and began experimenting with the 4 colors I chose. If I do it again I will probably go to 500 stitches to make the scarf even longer. I was concerned about the bind off making a tight edge. I started bind off in pattern with a size 13 needle. I noticed it still tended to create a curve in the scarf, so I went up to a size 15 needle for bind off and that seemed to solve the problem. The attraction to the Oh My for me was the lovely texture and the colors. It is a nylon yarn that is constructed out of a chain - like a crocheted chain - and so I had to be very careful about splitting the yarn because if the threads break they will unravel. I used Denise needles but my LYS recommended bamboo needles for this yarn. It was a fun project because I loved touching the yarn and I enjoyed watching the pattern made by the woven stitch.


Regarding caulking for the soles...

I was asked if silicone comes in different colors and I found white, brown, and black. I am sure it also comes in clear, which was my first choice, but the store must have been out of it. I think there are other products that can be used such as "Make a Mold" at the craft store, or maybe the stuff you can use to dip the handles of tools. This was a $5 solution for my clogs and I will probably do this again because it is so comfortable and waterproof - and FUN (of course I had to write my name on the bottom of one of the clogs). I will say that I have learned to switch the clogs back and forth on my feet the first few days of wearing them so that the silicone compresses evenly.

**See Jerry's comment.


Note to self......

The feet are gleefully happy with their felted clogs and the silicone bottoms make them cushy. Must.make.more.clogs. (after I finish the waistcoat, the scarf, the BGK top, the BGK skirt, Pansy's cat bed .....KNIT FASTER)


Continued adventures in felted clogs

-OR- playing with the caulk gun and some silicone.

After several failed attempts at finding leather soles for my felted clogs I went to the hardware store. Silicone = won't shrink or crack, permanently flexible, and waterproof. So we will see....
Now I can finally wear my felted clogs.

p.s. the strange configuration on the bottom is my attempt at putting on a second layer of silicone and making treads for traction.

p.p.s. feeling kinda caulky.....ha ha ha..ho..ho....heeee


Gadgets and DooDads

I found some bargains on non-knitting items that I can convert.
This is a narrow metal stand about 14" tall that was being sold as a magnetic photo display thing. I bought it on clearance to use for my pattern stand.

This is a gift bag like what you might see at weddings. The material has a nice satin-like feel and there is a ribbon at the top for a drawstring closure. I decided it was perfect for my center-pull balls of yarn (shown with my current sock yarn) and they only cost me 10 cents each.
I love a bargain.

September WIP

Back of waistcoat (see picture a few posts down under "swatching")


Finished project - felted clogs

Fibertrends pattern, Patons Classic Wool


Numbered beads?

I am posing a question to anyone passing by on the electronic highway.... Where might I find beads with numbers on them that would be suitable for making stitch markers?


Prefelted clog


Stash? I guess I do have stash.

I never thought I had a stash because I usually buy specifically for a project, but I put my wool yarn in a bag in the freezer after I saw a questionable moth and there was a surprising bit of yarn. This does not include the little pile of novelty yarn waiting in a basket.

I have gone several weeks without being able to purchase yarn and so this weekend I am getting projects done for which I currently have yarn. I am in desperate need of slippers and so I am using some of the kitty bowl yarn (sorry Pansy) to make some felted slippers. I will need a vest for this fall and so I am using the Rowan Aran Tweed that I bought on closeout to make the waistcoat shown below (without the flowers).

I am looking for that perfect yarn to make a tee shirt or shell with which I can learn to shape garments for my figure. I am leaning towards Knit Picks Shine. I have never used cotton yarn before and I am hoping that 40% modal will help it keep its shape. Maybe a lightweight wool would be better. I understand that wool is a little more forgiving and will not show the shaping quite as much. Hmmm. I think I need to jump in. I think maybe it is just a fear of failure holding me back.

Feeling gabby today. It must be because I need to get to work (I have a home business) and I am stalling.

I think I would like to start the Master Knitter program so that I can improve my skills. I have discovered that in knitted garments there is a difference between looking handmade and looking homemade. When I knit my garments I would like them to appear well-made - I guess that is what I am really trying to say - and I do not think I am that skilled yet.

Gotta go earn some yarn money....


WIP - felted clogs

Fibertrends pattern


Waistcoat, Interweave Knits Spring 2005


The Son Knits

My son and I decided to knit scarves back in January. That was his first experience with knitting. This is his second project - a knitted beret. It warms a mother's heart to have a son who will knit alongside her (in public yet!!).

Skylar's wave hat

Plymouth Yarn, chunky; size 8 needles.
I borrowed the style of the wave from a hat on Knitty.com. The yarn has a very gradual color change from brown to orange then gold. It gives the illusion of fading almost like well worn denim. Unfortunatley the picture only shows the darkest colors which happened to occur around the wave pattern.