Stash? I guess I do have stash.

I never thought I had a stash because I usually buy specifically for a project, but I put my wool yarn in a bag in the freezer after I saw a questionable moth and there was a surprising bit of yarn. This does not include the little pile of novelty yarn waiting in a basket.

I have gone several weeks without being able to purchase yarn and so this weekend I am getting projects done for which I currently have yarn. I am in desperate need of slippers and so I am using some of the kitty bowl yarn (sorry Pansy) to make some felted slippers. I will need a vest for this fall and so I am using the Rowan Aran Tweed that I bought on closeout to make the waistcoat shown below (without the flowers).

I am looking for that perfect yarn to make a tee shirt or shell with which I can learn to shape garments for my figure. I am leaning towards Knit Picks Shine. I have never used cotton yarn before and I am hoping that 40% modal will help it keep its shape. Maybe a lightweight wool would be better. I understand that wool is a little more forgiving and will not show the shaping quite as much. Hmmm. I think I need to jump in. I think maybe it is just a fear of failure holding me back.

Feeling gabby today. It must be because I need to get to work (I have a home business) and I am stalling.

I think I would like to start the Master Knitter program so that I can improve my skills. I have discovered that in knitted garments there is a difference between looking handmade and looking homemade. When I knit my garments I would like them to appear well-made - I guess that is what I am really trying to say - and I do not think I am that skilled yet.

Gotta go earn some yarn money....


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