Regarding caulking for the soles...

I was asked if silicone comes in different colors and I found white, brown, and black. I am sure it also comes in clear, which was my first choice, but the store must have been out of it. I think there are other products that can be used such as "Make a Mold" at the craft store, or maybe the stuff you can use to dip the handles of tools. This was a $5 solution for my clogs and I will probably do this again because it is so comfortable and waterproof - and FUN (of course I had to write my name on the bottom of one of the clogs). I will say that I have learned to switch the clogs back and forth on my feet the first few days of wearing them so that the silicone compresses evenly.

**See Jerry's comment.


At 10/07/2006 , Blogger Charity said...

The owner of my LYS suggests using the puffy fabric paint on the bottom of the felted clogs. She does different designs, and says it will wear off eventually, but you can just re-apply. Then you can coordinate the colour of the paint with the clogs! :0)

At 10/12/2006 , Blogger Punkin said...

Thanx Charity! I did not think about that and it is such a great idea.


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