Sock Summit continued

Chelsea brought Voodoo Donuts before classes one morning. Such a sweety. I wish I had a better picture of the lace top that Sonja is wearing. It is lovely.

Terri and Sonja...

My first class was with Amy Singer of Knitty.com. At this point I suddenly forgot that my camera takes pictures and stores them. I must have forgotten, because I stopped taking pictures and did not realize it until I tried loading them on my computer.

Amy signed my bag....

Friday, I had a class with Lucy Neatby on double knitting. She is a great instructor. I want to buy her DVD on double knitting.

Saturday, I had an all-day class with Ann Hanson on sock design. A terrible picture, but there it is. A rare moment when I remembered what my camera was for.

I took a couple of books with me for the book signing. I was standing in line for Nancy Bush and got a picture of Cat Bordhi...

Charlene Schurch (and Cookie A's shoulder)...
I stopped Ann Budd and told her how much I like her books, or at least I meant to say that. To my ears it sounded like " Hi uh blah blah blah uh blah blah". I must have sounded like a dork. I sounded the same way when I tried to talk to Nancy Bush. I told myself to stop talking.

I didn't buy much at the marketplace. Everytime I went in I felt sensory overload from all the lovely yarn and colors. I let myself buy a mill end from Blue Moon Fiber and a few knitting notions..

Some pictures from the gardens at the OCC...

A bell donated from a city in Japan. It is huge, gorgeous, and has a lovely sound.
Part of the garden included huge sections of log from an old-growth tree. I loved this. It reminded me of what I saw in the woods as I hiked and camped in my younger years. There is a tree growing out of the remains of the huge log.
Sunday I had a class with Cookie A. Then it was time to leave. This is looking back at the convention center from the light rail where I am waiting for my ride back to the airport. I watched as people were walking in for the luminary panel at the close of Sock Summit.

Such a lovely event. I hope it inspires more.


Sock Summit, continued...

After I registered, I sat outside Starbucks and watched people/knitters come and go. I saw Anne Hanson walk across the street and I wanted to jump up and say hello. Fortunately, I remembered that, although I knew who she was (I have been following her blog for 3 years), she did not know me except through comments on her blog. So I remained in my chair and marveled at hearing her voice for the first time as she greeted a friend. Many other familiar faces from knitting blogs passed in front of me as they headed to the convention center. It was amazing to see so much of the online knitting community in the flesh.

I thought this picture was funny. This is outside Starbucks. It looks like the red sign is pointing to the tables and chairs....

in case you can't read it, it says "Park Here $50".

Opening night was was funny and awesome. Stephanie and Tina shared, through their laughter, tears, and delirium from exhaustion, the evolution of Sock Summit. Many of the great names of knitting were sitting at the tables in front.

I got to sit with 2 of the greats from my hometown, Chelsea and Sonja...


August 6, the day of Sock Summit, started early. Actually, it was a continuation of the day before because I did not go to bed after I got home from work the night before. I had to be up at 3:30 a.m. to get to the airport at 4:00. (I bought the cheapest flight I could get).

This is what 5:00 a.m. looked like as I boarded my flight.

I arrived in Portland an hour later. This is what 6 a.m. looked like at the Portland Airport.

I took the light rail from the airport to the Convention Center. This is what 6:40 a.m. looks like on the light rail at the airport.

I haven't been in Portland for .... several years. I can't remember being in Portland in the last 25 years. I had to ask someone on the light rail what the convention center looked like so that I wouldn't miss my stop. Then I recognized the glass towers. This is the north end near the light rail.

I registered here before I got settled at my motel across the street.


We had a tsunami warning on the television's emergency broadcast system today. I was surprised, so I watched to make sure my county was included in the announcement, and it was. What makes this remarkable is the Pacific Ocean is about 3 hours west of here on the other side of the Coastal Range. That is one big tsunami.

1 and 1/2 sleeps until Sock Summit. It looks like I will be going even with all the other things happening in my life right now.

ETA: The mayor of Portland declared this Sock Knitting Week. See the proclamation on the Blue Moon Fiber Arts blog And Oregon Public Broadcasting’s show, "Think Out Loud" is having an episode called the Joy of Knitting tomorrow morning (Wednesday, August 5).