Holocaust Remembrance Day.

In school I studied 'Man's Inhumanity to Man', and the studies of the Holocaust touched me deeply. There have been many attempts at genocide in the history of our world. We must learn from the past in order to prevent this in the future.




Trying to work and finish preparations for my knitting classes that start tomorrow. These are gifts for my students. Each student will receive a snag-free stitch marker. I think they look kind of spring-y.


Two! Two granny squares!! ah-ah-ah (Sesame Street reference)

Taking a 15-minute break from my 'must-do' list, I crocheted my very first granny square. The kettle-dyed sock yarn makes it very light weight and gives it subtle variations of color. The colors are gold, wine, purple, and brown.


I just can't help myself. I enjoy watching these videos.

T-Mobile dance in Liverpool Station

Central Station Antwerp

I have been enjoying a particular knitting blog so much that I am starting to feel very selfish. I should at least share this gem of a blog with others. It is the 1884 Knitted Lace Sample Book by VintageKathleen (the link takes you to the first entry which explains the project). She shares her work freely, which is such a beautiful thing in this day and age. This is a direct link to a knitter from the 1800's.


The cardigan whose color was impossible to photograph....

It is actually more of a bluish purple. I tried to adjust it in I-Photo but without success. I got frustrated at one point and started turning the photos into black and white.

A cropped cardigan was my inspiration. From there, I designed this A-line, cable-yoke cardigan.

Using a soft, chunky yarn, I knitted the fronts and back on one cable needle so that the shaping would match in all the pieces.

I played with the cables a little. I wound some of them tight at the bottom and loose at the top. I think I was spinning some fiber about the time I was knitting this cardigan, and that influenced my thinking when I saw the twist of the cables.

Making sure the cable panel ended below my bustline near my waistline, I had the A-line start there.

There are some flaws in it. For example, I know to increase stitches before knitting cables and then decrease stitches when transitioning back to stockinette. I forgot to decrease the stitches after the cable panel, and so I ended up with puckers in the fabric. Urg.

The wood toggle buttons have the color of the yarn running through them, so they match better than what the photos show.

It was meant to be an around-the-house cardigan, but I have ventured out into public wearing it - to a yarn store full of knitters, no less. I don't know if I was being brave or lazy.


When Aihblinn was first published on Knitty.com I knew I wanted to knit it. I have been on a casual search for just the right yarn. I wanted something that had drape, so I decided I needed to find a silk blend. Someone was destashing their Rowan Summer Tweed (70% silk and 30% cotton) and I was able to get enough for the pattern. It is in the perfect color for me - denim.

When I heard that Cookie A. was being published, I jumped on the bandwagon and pre-ordered her book. It arrived on my doorstep today. I crave information on technique and construction, and it looks like the book delivers that and more. I look forward to sitting down with it and going through it page by page.

My poinsettia is cheering me with its blossoms.