A Macgyver wannabe

This is my version of a tensioned lazy kate. I used a 1/8-inch wood dowel to hold the bobbins and string to create the 'tension'.

After I finished spinning my first bobbin of singles, I wound it directly onto another bobbin to even it out and set the twist. I think I got the idea from Spinning Jenny's blog. I forgot to do that with my second bobbin of singles. What a difference it makes! When plying the two together, the first bobbin plyed like a dream but the second bobbin gave me fits. Note to self - from now on, wind singles onto another bobbin to even it out and set the twist.

I have an order in for a handcrafted bobbin box that is also a tensioned lazy kate. The gentleman has had some health problems and is busy with shearing, but when the time is right he will build me a beautiful bobbin box. He no longer advertises them but I have seen a picture, and I like it so much that I am happy to wait for it.


Thank you Spinning Buddy

I received a present today from my spinning bud. Twisted Knitster sent me fiber-y goodness from Hello Yarn.

One pound of BFL combed top! Hello Yarn also sent beautiful cards and a cute button. I want to tie a ribbon around it and hug it like a teddy bear. I enjoy spinning this fiber.

Such a kind and generous friend. Thank you, Twisted Knitster. May you receive back tenfold.

This comes at such a good time. I have been blessed with more work. The medical transcription program has been added to the medical terminology classes I teach at the local community college. I work full time at my home business in addition to teaching part time at the local college, and, although this means more time away from my business, I think the additional work will dovetail nicely with what I am already doing. The fiber gives me something to look forward to at the end of my day that isn't work related.

happy days


Mac and Cheez contest

This is a really fun contest that relates to yarn. honest. The contest is being hosted by On The House. (it all started here)

The mac and cheese recipe we use here at Punkin's home:

I start with about 6 cups of cooked macaroni.

In a separate bowl, mix a small container of sour cream with 2 kinds of grated cheese. We like sharp cheddar and smoked fontina. I like it cheesey, so I put in about a cup of each. Add to this a teaspoon of dry mustard and a dash of white pepper. If the mixture is too thick you can add a splash of milk.

Butter the bottom and sides of a rectangular casserole dish. place a layer of macaroni noodles in the bottom and then add a layer of cheesey mixture on top of that. If I have wafer-thin sliced ham, I add strips of this as a 3rd layer. Alternate layers until all gone. I bake this in a convection oven for about 20 to 25 minutes at 325 degrees.

There will be some crunchy bits on top and some stringy cheesey parts down below. Very filling. We often have fun adding different cheese combinations.


Helix stripes

AHA!! Eureka!! (or Yreka! if you leave just south of here).

I have been researching the jogless stripe for a while now. I tried a couple of techniques but often ended up with some warping of the fabric or loose stitches. I think helix stripes may be the answer to my jogless stripe hangup. Thank you Grumperina for an excellent post, and thank you to Montse Stanley who has jewels of information scattered in the pages of her book. I can see using this technique with some of my handspun sock yarn (yet to be spun), 2 hanks each dyed a different color. Ooooo, the possibilities.



(please excuse low quality photos)

Spring is full of hope and promise. The buds form before there is any sign of spring, and then seem to burst forth rejoicing when spring arrives.


Where has all my fiber gone...

I didn't think I would spin all my fiber this quickly, so when I saw the last little bit in the bag I began to say to myself....

(hum along if you know the tune)
Where has all my fiber gone?

Short time spinning

Where has all my fiber gone?

Short time ago

Where has all my fiber gone?

It's gone to bobbins
every one.

When will I ever learn?

I watch the bobbin turn.

Being a frugal person, I had to find a use for all those little bits that were left over...

I love my son.


Pi Day 3.14

I saw that Celadon Pool is celebrating Pi Day and I am joining in the celebration (in other words, I am being a copycat).

My 'Puddle-O-Pi' has grown to a diameter of about 36 inches. I am hoping I will have enough yarn to double this, which would make an afghan that is about 6 feet in diameter for my bed or sofa.


WIP - top down jacket

Pattern: Weekend Neck Down Jacket by Knitting Pure & Simple
Yarn: Yorkshire Tweed Chunky

I am at the point of binding off the 1x1 rib at the bottom of the body. My research revealed the tubular cast-off to be the best for 1x1 rib, so I am exploring new territory.

After the set-up rows where I knit the knit stitches and slip the purls, I separate the stitches. Knits go on the needle in front and the purls on the back needle.

Now to graft the stitches using the Kitchener method.

It creates a nice finish without a tight line of bound-off stitches.

Next up, knit the sleeves. Then the collar and the button band.

Spinning. Gaining skill a little at a time. I am concentrating on handling the fiber and the wheel at the same time. Later, I will concentrate on the more technical aspects of spinning. This is the BFL that the generous Mr. and Mrs. T. sent with the wheel. I like BFL!


Wild and wooly spinning

Mwa-ha-ha. Mwa-ha-ha-ha-ha. Now I know why Dr. Frankenstein laughed like that in his lab. Spinning yarn brings energy to the wool and creates something new. Spinning is serious fun.

This is my first hand spun and my first attempt at plying. Since I had less than a bobbin, I decided to try Andean plying. I used the book "Spin to Knit" as my reference.

Wild and wooly. Hee haw. My perfectionist side has been won over and I am thoroughly enjoying my first hand spun yarn and all of its idiosyncrasies - its resistance to being smooth, even-looking yarn (although that is still my goal).
I haven't bought a niddy-noddy yet, so I wound it off the bobbin around my hand and elbow.
It had a lovely bath and is now hanging. I thought I had put too much twist in it while plying, but now that it is hanging it looks like I didn't put enough in.


The Iditarod begins

I wish I could see live coverage of this on television. I would love to be a volunteer at the checkpoints. No, I don't live in Alaska. Just wishing.