Toooo Bee To-Bee Toooo

(Hopefully, the title will make sense as you read further. If not, it is not that important anyway).

Finished - Tubies! Ta-da!!
Don't be fooled by these simple 2x2 rib tubes. There is more to Tubies than meets the eye. Think versatility. Think multipurpose knitwear.

Tubies are legwarmers....

Tubies are sleeves...One Tubie can be a muff...
Yarn - heavy worsted/chunky; edited to add that they take approximately 320 yards.
Needles - US 10-1/2
Pattern - 2x2 rib tube, cast on 56 stitches.

Cat photo:
This is Mr. H ....

Mr. H likes dogs. He likes to sleep with the dogs on the dog bed. He scares dog owners when he runs up to their dog on the sidewalk - until they realize he just wants to rub up against their dog.
It snowed Christmas night. The first snow of the season. It was a like a personal present to me.


No knitting content - reflection on the season

In a certain town there lived a cobbler, Martin Avdeitch by name. He lived in a small basement room whose one window looked out onto the street, and all he could see were the feet of people passing by. But since there was hardly a pair of boots that had not been in his hands at one time for repair, Martin recognized each person by his shoes. Day after day, he would work in his shop watching boots pass by. One day he found himself consumed with the hope of a dream that he would find the Lord's feet outside his window. Instead, he found a lingering pair of worn boots belonging to an old soldier. Though at first disappointed, Martin realized the old man might be hungry and invited him inside to a warm fire and some tea. He had other visitors that evening, and though sadly none were Christ, he let them in also. Sitting down at the end of day, Martin heard a voice whisper his name as he read the words: "I was hungry and you gave me meat; I was thirsty and you gave me drink; I was a stranger and you took me in. Inasmuch as you did for the least of these, you did unto me."
Story told in Leo Tolstoy's "Walk in the Light while there Is Light and Twenty-three Tales " (Maryknoll, NY: Orbis Books, 2003)

I read in scripture that the 2 things most important to my Lord is to love God and to love my fellow man, and that by the fruit of my life you can tell who is Lord in my life. This season is a time of reflection for me. What is the fruit of my life? What kind of giving reflects true love?


Ball O'Yarn


Warm mittens

The details:
Yarn: Rowan Big Wool Fusion.
Needles: US size 9 dpns.
Pattern: my own, just a basic pattern.

I embellished them with a few lazy daisies and some french knots, and they are ready for action.


Going Cluckers

Socks that Rock Cluckers, that is. Sway Knits had a contest/drawing and I was fortunate enough to be the recipient of this prize....

This is my first Socks that Rock from Blue Moon and I am very excited to knit with this. Thank you Sway Knits for this generous prize!

My Twisted Mitts keep asking for a little embroidery or embellishment every time I put them on, so I forced myself to try.

(These pictures look like different objects, but it is the same one in the same lighting. The camera was having 'tude. If a camera is almost 8 years old in our time, how many years is that in camera age?)

First attempt...
Nope. This kept giving me visions of an illustration from a Dr. Seuss book. I was going to add more, but I decided to stop and try again.

Second attempt.....
Nope. Too heavy. I had envisioned something like dogwood or a vine with berries. When I tried splitting the tapestery wool further, it began to pull apart when I put tension on it. I even thought of tiny buttons in a little design but I think they would catch on things. I am trying to convince myself to leave these as they are - the yarn is certainly pretty enough to hold its own.

I am finishing the caps on the sleeves of the Rogue hoodie. Then, seaming the sleeves and sewing them into the armholes, and it will be a pullover for my daughter.


Twisted Mitts

Twisted Mitts
Yarn: Capistrano Fiber Arts hand-painted fingering weight
Needles: 3 mm, knit with one long circular (Magic Loop)
Pattern: my own

More details: Mr. and Mrs. Twisted Knitster gave me this yarn when we met on Thanksgiving weekend. I couldn't wait to knit with it. I knit these mitts to remember them and the nice visit we had. I had them out for a test run today - they keep my hands warm, protect me from the cold steering wheel, and I was able to apply chapstick and buy coffee without having to take them off. Also, they remind me of Mr. and Mrs. Twisted. Success.