Daydreaming about Black Sheep Gathering

I am beginning to look forward to the Black Sheep Gathering in Eugene, Oregon next month. I have signed up for an all-day spinning class on Friday. This will be the first time I have taken a spinning class or have gotten to hang around other spinners. I have waited a long time for this. There are so many things I want to learn. I am also looking forward to meeting other bloggers and ravelry-ers. Yipee! Unfortunately, I will miss a knitting buddy from Minnesota who is arriving after I have to leave for home.


Knitting with handspun

I am knitting a garter stitch shawl out of my handspun. There is something deeply satisfying about it. This is my first handspun (other than the first little ball of about 20 yards) and it is very inconsistent. I tried using beads along the yarnovers but the beads were not quite big enough for the fatter sections of yarn. I meant to slip the edge stitches to make the edges smoother but forgot. No worries, though. I still like it. It amazes me how much enjoyment I am getting out of a bag of fiber.

We had a really nice downpour today. I see a nice rain storm as a car-washing opportunity. All I have to do is put a little soap on the mitt and scrub the car down - the rain does the rest. I get a lot of strange looks from the neighbors, but I guess that is not so unusual. I just do things a little different than most around here. Surely I am not alone in my ideas about rain and car washing. I don't think I am that original.


We have contact

Thank you for the kind comments and inquiries about my daughter. She told me I would not hear anything unless something was wrong. So yesterday when she called I was excited and then very concerned. Everything is fine, though. I got a call from her around 10 o'clock Sunday night. She said it was the perfect time to call because she could wish me a happy Mother's Day, and since it was 9 o'clock Monday morning in Tanzania we could wish her Happy Birthday. She is turning 21 in Tanzania.

Not much knitting. The wrist that had carpal tunnel surgery years ago suddenly became painful. It is already beginning to recover, so I will be back to the needles soon.