Pattern:  Montgolfiere by Stephanie van der Linden
Yarn:  Cascade Heritage - purple, Plymouth Happy Feet - brown
Needles:  Magic loop on US size 1 circular

A fun pattern.

I striped the yarn with itself. I split the hank into 2 equal balls and did a 2-row pattern on the leg and a 1-row pattern on the foot. 

My purpose in knitting these this way was simply to practice technique and to see how it altered the fabric. After trying a few techniques, I decided on the striping method used by Eunny Jang on Knit Daily. It altered the fabric the least. You can see the slightly elongated stitches where the yarns changed, but there is no warping of the fabric. 

Pattern:  None, simple striping, picot edge cuff, slipped stitch heel flap.
Yarn:  Pagewood Farm
Needles:  Magic loop US size 1 circular

The colors remind me of the grasses in the fields in late June.


At 7/06/2010 , Blogger Judy S. said...

Nice! Lots of socks you've been doing......

At 9/08/2015 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

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