The Pioneer Woman Cooks inspires and entertains me daily. Today I was inspired to make squash, carrot, and curry soup for dinner. Mmmm, the taste of autumn. This pot of soup has a full tablespoon of curry in it, and I agree with The Pioneer Woman that it defines this soup. Yum.

The Lacy Baktus is off the needles. I think I ran out of light for pictures. I am looking forward to when the days get longer instead of shorter.

The Benchsitters (socks I started a couple of months ago, my own design) are also off the needles. Hopefully my son will feel inclined to help me with photos.


At 11/16/2009 , Blogger Ilix said...

Thanks for the link to the blog for Pioneeer woman. Have you seen Mary Janes' Outpost?


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