Now I'm delusional?

I started my day thinking I had all day and night to concentrate on my transcription business to prepare for a knitting retreat this weekend. Awww, sweet delusions. My brain finally switched on and I realized I have to prepare for and teach a 4 hour class tonight at the community college, catch up the laundry, make a deposit, go to the grocery store, make sure my son fills out the application for the scholarship competition, and try to type 2 days worth of transcription. Oh ya, and I need to pack. If I could give myself a 'look' it would be the What-Were-You-Thinking kind of look. I feel tired.

BUT..... I am leaving tomorrow morning for a trip to Yachats (on the Oregon coast) for a knitting retreat with friends and acquaintances. Makes me smile.

Knitting projects that get to go on the trip:
> Sea Wool socks
> Pi shawl
> Hypoteneuse stole

I think that is enough to keep me happy.

Woolies that get to keep me warm on the trip:
> Sock Hop socks
> Jaywalker socks
> Clapotis
> Plummy waistcoat
> Noro Hat
> Gretel beret (for a more refined look).
> Fingerless mitts

It promises to be a pleasant diversion. There will be lots of knitting, and I will get to spend time visiting with a friend who is a kindred spirit. Kindred Knitter Knoodle (having similar thoughts and ideas). I must not forget the camera.


At 2/03/2008 , Blogger Jerry said...

I hope you had a wonderful time.


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