Gretel is fresh off the needles.

She had her bath in lavender scented shampoo and is blocking on a dinner plate. (The color in the picture below is way off - bad lighting).Details will come later when I try her on.

I have graduated from using the back of a chair to this....

Granted, it is not the beautiful wood swift I have been wishing for, but I will take it! I bought this on e-bay last month. It is attached to the small bookshelf that sits on my desk. No ball winder - I use a nostepinne to wind the yarn by hand. I can wind a little when I take a break from work. This is the lace weight yarn for the Bee Fields shawl. I did not want to try winding this off the back of the chair and risk it getting tangled.


At 1/06/2008 , Blogger Lynn said...

I have a swift just like this that is 20+ years old. Works like a charm most of the time, though it doesn't want to stay clipped to the edge of my dining room table. I foresee a nice wooden swift in the next couple of years, when I have a real studio to call my own.

At 1/22/2008 , Blogger Violiknit said...

Nice Gretel and nice swift! I have one, but am too lazy to use it; I just put the yarn on my knees instead :)


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