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The seamless hybrid has become my on-the-go project since it is just stockinette. I began to notice that it was getting too big to drag around by itself and too big to share the backpack with the mosaic. Yesterday, the voice of The Knitting Hog had the grand idea of going to the outlet store to buy a canvas bag for that knitting project. The Budget Conscious voice was able to counter that with the thought that I can make do with what I have - maybe even use the cute paper bag from the LYS as the knitting bag. But The Knitting Hog won me over when it told me what a nice drive it would be on the back roads and how refreshing it would be to go for a drive. So off I went, telling The Knitting Hog that I had a budget and did not intend to spend too much.

After buying two pairs of shoes ("but they were 70% off" says The Budget Destroyer who met us at the store) and one bag ("remember it was half price" chimed in The Knitting Hog) I left the store and headed home.

Meet the cute, cheerful little canvas bag that will perform the duties of 'knitting bag of medium size projects'.

So then I decided to take stock of my knitting bags and what I use them for. What are your knitting bags and what projects do they hold?

The blue backpack carries the Mosaic sweater with its yarn and my knitting accessories. The Lantern Moon bag is my sock project bag and holds my 'Walk the Dog' socks that I have been designing (seems like a strong word, playing may be more accurate). The canvas bag now carries the seamless hybrid.

The Twisted Knitster, whom I like to think of as a blogging buddy, asked if I had a sweater in mind for the Rowan Tweed. I think I will be doing one of the sweaters from Knitting the New Classics:

My first choice is the deep V-neck sweater. I think it is a good style for my shape (or lack of).

I like the stitch design on this next sweater - I would make it a sweater instead of a tunic.

I also like the stitch pattern on this sweater.And I like the texture of this sweater and the use of color in the neckband, etc.

I will have to simmer my thoughts a little on this one.


At 3/18/2007 , Blogger MollyKnits said...

I love the canvas tote. I have TONS of knitting bags. The bag I use depneds on the size of the knitting. I use Piddleloop bags for small stuff, Sly's airbrushed canvas bags for medium stuff, and a couple of big honkin' knitting totes that I have had for a while for the big stuff.

At 3/19/2007 , Blogger Jerry said...

Thank you so much for the kind words and reference. I'm proud that you would consider me one of your blogging buddies.

I must say that you can never have too many bags or too many shoes and too much yarn. At 70% off I would have been tempted to get a second one in winter colors for next fall. Nothing better than a sale to make me happy. I love the bright spring colors of the new tote. Brighter than moss green but not quite sea foam green. I have one a LM silk project bag to handle the small projects I do. My Namaste bag is more like the tool bucket that holds all the needles, accessories and project binder with all my patterns, stash info, needle inventory and such.

I did see a larger silk project bag from LM that would work for the mid-size projects if I ever get back to them. Right now they are laying neglected the WIP baskets next to the knitting chair.

As far as the sweater, I like them all. I know you like the look of the V neck but you may consider a hybrid again. Choose the stitch pattern of one of the middle ones. You get the beautiful stitch pattern and texture but I would go cardigan with the intarsia on the hem, button band and neck/color. I know you have the skills to combine the features of the ones you like into one you would love to wear.

At 3/23/2007 , Blogger Sarah / Blue Garter said...

I like that last sweater - it looks like the most fun to knit. The various diamond patterns are pretty, though, too. Any way you go, it's going to look and feel excellent with the Yorkshire Tweed. I love that stuff! I, too, have a sale bag of it waiting for a second hubby sweater. Oh, and there's another bag of DK for a sweater for me! Joy!

Thanks for your nice comments on Rorschach - it's a great project that I'd highly recommend.


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