Rip and tweak

Spiral scarf from Knitting Nature. Mmmmm, not so much. I like the feel of the Noro Silk Garden and I think it will be soft enough for around my neck. Needs tweaking. Maybe smaller needles and fewer stitches cast on. Or...maybe a completely different scarf.

I needed a distraction: OnLine sock yarn. I am going to swatch a stitch pattern from "365 Stitches a Year". *sigh* nothing like socks to take the edge off.


At 7/11/2007 , Blogger Lynn said...

Your OnLine looks a lot like the Ditto that followed me home tonight. How cool is that? I'll post pics in a day or two.

At 7/14/2007 , Blogger MollyKnits said...

Noro looks great in enterlock.


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