Sock Hopping

Finished socks:

Yarn: Crown Mountain Farm Sock Hop handspun yarn, My Boyfriend's Back colorway
Needles: KnitPicks circular 3 mm, Magic Loop style.
Pattern: No pattern, basic recipe. I played with the ribbing so that there would be a few knit stitches together and then 1x1 rib for an 8-stitch pattern. I also carried the ribbing down onto the instep stitches a little ways to meet the top of the shoe/clog, then kept the rest of the foot in stockinet stitch.

I did not mix the two hanks of yarn while I knit because I wanted fraternal socks instead of identical socks. I wanted to see how the yarn would behave. This was my first experience knitting with handspun yarn.


At 7/10/2007 , Anonymous Carrie said...

Hi there, I found your blog through the CWO blog ring. I am relatively new to knitting and I have desperately wanted to learn to knit socks. I tried. Once. It was bad. LOL I'll try again sometime.
Yours turned out really well!
I'll be back again.
God bless :)

At 7/10/2007 , Anonymous amanda said...

found you through your comment on carrie's blog...thought i would stop by to see these socks. they look great. my mom is a sock knitter, and i have wanted to try...perhaps i will have to do just that. yours look great...and there is nothing better than homemade socks!

At 7/10/2007 , Blogger Jerry said...

The hand spun and hand dyed yarn looks so nice. Truly socks created with love from the spinner to the dyer to the knitter.

At 7/11/2007 , Anonymous lynda said...

Beautiful socks - I love the colorway!

At 7/11/2007 , Blogger MollyKnits said...

I just love to make socks. Once Grimace gets done (Monday, cross finger and toes), I am going to start my sockapolooza partner socks. I want to enter them in the fair too.

At 7/19/2007 , Blogger Violiknit said...

Cute fraternal socks! The color is beautiful!


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