Hello July

I am starting a sock using Crown Mountain Farm handspun sock yarn in the 'My Boyfriend's Back' colorway. It took 4 swatches to finally get to this point. I started with Racine braid, but it just looked like hamburger. I also tried Puff Rib, but it began to look like the chunky socks that were popular in the 80's. Then I was going to knit it in the broadripple pattern, but I kept thinking that I liked the way the yarn looked in the 1x1 rib I had used for the cuff. I realized that this yarn was different than a mild-mannered, hand-dyed, machine-spun yarn. This yarn did not need to do calisthenics to show off its colorway. This yarn was bold and could speak for itself. So I played with the rib pattern. I am using 3 knit stitches, then 1x1 rib for 5 stitches, which is an 8 stitch pattern.

This plant is considered a weed by most people. I tend to see things differently than most. This plant greets me with a multitude of these pretty blue flowers first thing every morning, then by mid day they are all gone. The next morning, I find a new batch of pretty blue flowers for the new day. This goes on all summer. I like it.


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