June starts out all hot and bothered

It has been in the 90's and thunderstorms keep threatening. The danger from the thunderstorms in this area is a forest fire. The danger from thunderstorms in this house is Sparky the 100+ pound dog. He has been known to chew the moulding off the doorjam and bend the metal frame of the sliding door with his teeth. He has to have someone sit with him and tell him everthing is okay.

Gretchen asked how she might be able to get the Scala sock pattern that I used for my mittens last winter...... I got the pattern as a member of the German sock knitting group called Socken-Kreativ-Liste in Yahoo Groups. It definitely helps to understand German, and I struggle with that, but the designer is kind enough to also include the pattern instructions in English. I also understand, to the best of my ability, that the designer, Stephanie van der Linden, will be publishing her sock patterns in the future.

I bought my first Stephanie Pearl-McPhee book today. I had a pair of handknit socks next to me while I was reading it and I grabbed a sock to use as a bookmark. Now that I think about it - it is a rather appropriate choice for a bookmark for her book.

And while Yarn Harlot's book had my wallet pried open I also bought a pouch for my dpn's

What makes this zippered pouch so special is that it is made from recycled rice and feed bags by disabled and disadvantaged workers in Cambodia (according to the tag). Here is the back...I bought this in the bookstore after I was lured in while enjoying a cold beverage next door. I told my daughter that I cannot go in that bookstore anymore.

A colorful spot in my backyard...


At 6/04/2007 , Blogger MollyKnits said...

I really liked the Knitting Rules book (and yes, a sock is the best bookmark). Your rice bag bag is very cool.

At 6/06/2007 , Blogger Jerry said...

You have been on the friends of the Twisted column for a few months. I hope you don't mind that we consider you as our friend. You always seemed to surprise me with belonging to a German Sock knitters group. Love the DP pouch, it looks like a pencil zippered pouch from school. Thank you for including a colorful spot from your yard. I know that it inspires you and I want you to know that you inspire us.

At 6/09/2007 , Anonymous Stephanie van der Linden said...

Hi Punkin,
glad to hear you like my scalas! Hope my English is clear enough to work a pair of socks ...

The patterns are just for the SKL mailing-list - exclusive and free. There is a new sockbook published with a lot of technical details of sockknitting "Der geniale Socken-Workshop" - in German but we hope there will be an English translation soon.
12 different heels for best fitting socks, different toes, casting-ons, casting-offs, knitting socks cuff down, toe up, on 1 circular or 2 circulars, ... everything sockknitters want to know. :-)

The next little book (in october) will be about socks for children with a sole of rubber "Renn- und Krabbelsocken stricken". You can also find a picture of this booky on my hp.

Bye and liebe Grüße aus Frankfurt,


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