Do Over!

The E.Z. seamless hybrid. This was finished but has not been blocked - no need since I am going to rip it down the shoulders yet again. It is just a little too loose in the shoulders. I told my son (the recipient) I could fix it *cough, choke*. It is easier for me to knit a new one than fix one, but I will learn to figure out what is wrong and what to do about it. I hope. I tend to lose interest ..... like the socks I knitted for him that are waiting to be fixed. Oh well, building character - or maybe I am knitting character.


At 5/16/2007 , Anonymous Cheryl said...

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At 5/17/2007 , Blogger Goce said...

I hate when I must rip something, this is the worse thing, but sometimes is urgent. By the way I like this sweater very much!


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