Opposing gray cells

If you could listen in this is what you would hear.....

Gray cell A: Come on! I am done with the class sample sock and now I have room for another project.

Gray Cell B: Nope. I have 2 sweaters on the needles that need attention. When I get one of those done then I can start something new.

Gray Cell A: We bought that circular needle from KnitPicks so we could start the shawl. Don't you want to start the shawl?

Gray Cell B: Nope. If I start a new project then I won't get the sweaters done, and I want to get at least one done SOON.

Gray Cell A: But we already have the needles, the yarn, and the pattern. Can't you hear it calling to you.

Gray Cell B: Nope. No No No. la la la la la la la

Gray Cell A: Think of how many months we have waited to knit our first lace shawl. There will always be a project in the way. Come on!

Gray Cell B: I wonder what kind of cast on the pattern calls for.

Gray Cell A: While we are sitting here working why don't we just cast on. It will be fun.

Gray Cell B: I could just look the pattern up to see what kind of cast on it calls for and how many stitches.

Gray Cell A: Yes! Now you're talking.

Gray Cell B: Well........ I really shouldn't.......I have too much to do...... Maybe I will just go touch the yarn again. It is only 5 feet away from me.



At 5/04/2007 , Anonymous karenh said...

OK, Gray Cells, how about 1 row for the shawl for every 2 for the unfinished sweaters.....no rain checks! Everybody's happy.... Oh the torture.....

At 5/06/2007 , Blogger susan said...


I've got two shawls on the go, and a cardigan that I've got bored with.

And I'd much rather start a new project than finish another that I've got bored with.


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