A 'why bother' sock

I traveled over 500 miles earlier today. My daughter's school term is over and they required everyone to be moved out this weekend. So today was the day that her father (ex-husband) and I went up to get her stuff. He invited me to ride along with him to load her stuff and bring it home. So I got to knit!! and look out the window!!! A rare treat since I have been the official driver in my household for many years now. Anyway, I started these socks on the trip, if you can call them socks. They will have a short leg and no toe. I think of them as my 'why bother' socks. I am knitting a pair to protect my heels from drying and cracking this summer. I will be able to wear them with flip flops and sandals. I like the way the stripes get wider on the heel flap.

I am almost done with the sock I am knitting as a class sample (I will be teaching the 'magic loop' method top down). Each section of the sock is a different color. I am one color short and so I have to do some stash diving. T.K. asked what size needle I am using on the Telemark. I like a dense fabric and so I am using a size US 3 AddiTurbo circular needle, but since the Telemark is not a squishy yarn I probably could have gone up to a size 4. I find that, after washing and wearing, the wool relaxes and softens a little, and my opinion is that the tighter fabric makes them wear longer/better.

I am sooooo challenged by the saddles on the seamless hybrid. I do not see how they connect with the body while I knit them back and forth. I see several seamless hybrids knitted on the Zimmermania KAL, but I do not see anyone having a problem with the saddle, so it is just me. I am going to try to pump up my brain cells and figure it out tonight.

Good Natured Ribbing listed some of the knitting videos on You Tube. She has links listed to a few of them. Worth checking out.

It is nice that I got back in time to have a little bit of my day off. Yay!


At 5/04/2007 , Blogger Jerry said...

I do all the driving too and find the thought of knitting for 8 hours would be hard to grasp. Cant wait to see your sock class FOs. TY for the mention... I feel honored when you mention me even in passing.


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