Need a shawl pattern?

Check out the list of shawl patterns that JennyRae made and is sharing on her blog.

I have nothing to show and nothing of interest to say. I finished a shop sample - Jaywalker sock in Mountain Colors sock yarn. No picture and it is already at the LYS. Then I knitted some knucks for my daughter's friend at college which had to be done ASAP because school finals are this week. I did not get a picture of those either. Then I knitted the shoulder decreases after the arm and body joins on the EZ seamless hybrid. Then I ripped out the shoulder decreases on the EZ seamless hybrid. Then I knitted again. Then I ripped it out again. Now I am trying it a third time, but I am doing the decreases my way this time. So a lot of knitting there but nothing to show for it. Hmmmm. See, not much. But check out that list of shawl patterns!


At 4/24/2007 , Blogger MollyKnits said...

MMM, I mostly have done EZ's yolk sweater, and that is what I am going to do with the one I am working on now. Generally, with EZ, if you just walk away from it for a bit, then just read, it'll click.


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