Hybrid decreases

I think this shoulder decrease will stick. I have done the double decrease in the Jaywalker socks and had no trouble, but I could not get it to work right in the shoulders. This is my third go at it, but this time I kept it simple by doing a K2tog on one side and SSK on the other to form the double decrease.

I noticed the first few SSK's were wavy next to the K2tog, so I started using a modified SSK and it seems to lay next to the K2tog better. The modified SSK I am using is slip the first stitch knit-wise, slip the next stitch purl-wise, and then knit through the back loop.

I ordered yarn for a sock sample for my sock knitting class. I needed a different color for each part of the sock construction. I chose KnitPicks Telemark because I think it will have good stitch definition and the price was great. I snuck a needle for my lace knitting in the order too. I look forward to starting my first lace shawl.

Evergreen clematis blooms


At 4/24/2007 , Blogger Jerry said...

Glad to see you talk us through your thought process, so analytical. What needles will you use to make the socks in your class? What method? 4 dp,5 dp, two circulars, magic loop? Just curious…. What size needles are you using when you use the Telemark yarn?

At 4/25/2007 , Blogger Lynn said...

*LOVE* the Telemark. That's what I'm using for LittleBit's Celtic Icon hoodie. I like this yarn the way lots of folks like Cascade 220 [which I loathe, after making my Wilted Leaf Cardigan and the Rasta Scarf]. Love, love LOVE the Telemark.


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