Toe-up socks knit magic-loop style in Regia sock yarn. A bit of a yawn, I know. But for me it was a milestone. I can now successfully knit myself toe-up socks that I like as much as my top-down socks. I did a slip-stitch heel flap on the bottome of the heel...

and then continued the slipped stitches up the back of the heel as high as the gusset....
The slipped stitches aren't that noticeable. Only time will tell if this helps the bottom of the heels last longer.

Notes: cast on 25% of stitches using Judy's magic caston, knit until foot is 7-1/2 inches, do a 2-1/2 flap, continue slip-stitch pattern as the heel is turned, knit leg until the cows come home. Got it.

The sock needles are empty now, so time to cast on another pair. I need to focus on blues and purples to balance the colors in my sock drawer.

Jaywalkers that look to me like snow-covered mountain peaks..


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