Romi always does a thoughtful post on Monday, and today's was especially sweet.

A song coming forward from the past in a way that could only have happened in our techno-savvy age. It is done in a way that is true to the original sentiment of the song.



At 3/16/2009 , Blogger Lynn said...

Thank you, Punkin. I'll post that link on my blog tomorrow.

At 3/18/2009 , Blogger Kristin Nicholas said...

Hi Punkin!
You have won my first Blogiversary Giveaway of the week. Could you please contact me at


Send me your mailing address and we will send you your books!

At 3/18/2009 , Blogger Renna said...

I saw (on Kristen's blog) that you won her contest today, and popped over here to congratulate you. Congratulations! :-)


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