Sock designs piled up in my head during the month I was on a sock-knitting diet. I feel like I want to knit all of them at once.

I bought this gray Araucania Ranco sock yarn for my son's socks, but it won't work for him, so I get to knit socks for me instead. This yarn makes me think of gray dress socks on the pale legs of older men and I built my design from that.

Maybe I should explain further ... When I was a child I noticed that older men's legs were often shockingly white, surprisingly skinny, and sometimes their trouser socks would sag a little on their ankles, and for some reason that image stuck in my mind. That is the image that I used when I started designing this sock.

fun stuff.


At 2/20/2009 , Anonymous stalepeeps said...

What to name them then...."Pasty Old Man Leg Socks"? :) Hee hee....


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