Tudor Grace is finished. I don't have an action shot, so I am including a link to Anne's Tudor Grace on Knitspot.

I knit this using Posh Yarn's Lucia that I received in a present exchange last year from Celadon Pool. It is lovely. She sent me two, so I think I will use the other one to knit a matching hat.

Blocking wires are still on my wish list, and the bedroom was so cold that if I pinned it out on the bed it would have taken days to dry, so I gave it a soak using lavender-scented shampoo and dried it on the ironing board near the wood stove. Someday I will give it the decent blocking that it deserves.

Kid mohair fresh out of the dye pot and hanging in the shower. I am struck by how it reflects light and how lovely it feels.
The plan is to spin this and then ply it with the merino that I finished spinning last week. I believe the mohair will give strength to the merino.

Still seaming.....
... and it is starting to look like something recognizable.

Mmmm, blue. Looking at my projects, I think this is the year for blue and purple.


At 2/01/2009 , Blogger Lynn said...

I'm thinking that this will be a purple year for me, too. Great minds, thinking alike...

At 2/02/2009 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

that posh is gorgeous, it's such great yarn and great colours. It looks great, and the jumper too.

So far I'm looking at greens and greys and blues.

I'm supposedly finishing Lynnys jumper, and I hope the blue tweedy yarn for 28thirty gets here soon, I so want to knit it!

At 2/03/2009 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

we are snow free here in my bit of the UK, we are sheltered from the East from the Pennine hills, but other parts of the UK have had their heaviest snow fall for nearly 20 years.

thanks for the lovely comments


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