I have warmed up the dye pot and started my first color. The plan is to dye one color at a time and then create the color repeats when I spin. I am starting with sapphire blue. This Australian Merino wool has been patiently waiting in my freezer for several months. It is lovely and soft. I think the next color will be a pretty purple, or maybe vermilion.

Knitting classes are starting up again. I am teaching 2 classes this quarter - basic mittens and Fireside Socks (house socks).

These are my samples for the mitten class. One is knit flat (per the pattern) and one is knit in-the-round (my preference). The students can choose which way they want to knit their mittens. For the flat mitten I used 2 colors of Poems yarn and striped it. This yarn is softer than Noro and has long color changes similar to Noro. The mitten on the left was knit in the round using Lanaloft yarn. I like these yarns because they feel nice and they are easy on my budget. fortunately, Middleford carries both of these yarns.

The cardigan is sitting in my knitting bag where it has been for the last few weeks just waiting to be seamed. My little lace scarf (Tudor Rose) is probably about 90% done. And I started a pair of socks. The relief I felt at finally knitting socks again surprised me and made me wonder if I should join a Sock Knitters Anonymous group for my apparent addiction.


At 1/19/2009 , Blogger Chelsea the Yarngeek said...

I *love* that blue sapphire color! And what a clever thought, using a bag in the cooker to keep your fiber together.

Are you coming for sock club tonight? We can't help with your addiction, but we can help with the drugs. :D

At 1/20/2009 , Blogger MollyKnits said...

It is a very pretty blue, and yes, socks are a comfort.


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