I drew the line in the sand, laid down the law, and told my inner knitter I shall NOT cast on for another project. No. I have a project that is close to being finished, and I am halfway through my little lace scarf. I desperately want to finish these soon. Time to knuckle down, practice restraint, and inoculate against startitis. My inner knitter kept tickling my brain with thoughts of socks. My inner knitter wanted to knit socks so bad that it got a cramp and I began to lose my knitter's bliss. So I decided I would hand-wind some STR . I have puzzled over designs for this colorway for months now, and I think I have decided on something simple. Hopefully this will revive the inner knitter. whew.

Marmee is winding yarn on the movie "Little Women", 1949 version. Sweet.


At 12/12/2008 , Anonymous KarenH said...

OOOOooohhh.....I like a good dose of self control now and then. Good Job. You can beat sneaky startitis.

At 12/14/2008 , Anonymous Jeanne said...

That is gorgeous yarn - and good for your resisting startitis!

At 12/15/2008 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh love STR yarn. I've managed to get some from Ravelryers. I'm so blessed.

I love Colinettes jitterbug socks yarn too, easy to get over here, it's almost as yummy as STR.

The Sock marathon is almost over here, I'll not miss it!

I've got a million and one things I want to knit!


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