Open-end mitts

This reminds me of something....

These are the open-ended mitts that I started Wednesday afternoon.

A picture that gives an idea of the color (a little washed out due to the flash) ...
It is nice to have my daughter at home to model my knits.

A side-lighted, no-flash picture for stitch definition...

And one that shows the detailing on the thumb (a patch of garter stitch to mimic the hand)....

YARN: Stampato Extra, 100% Australian Merino, shrink resistant.
PATTERN: My own. I believe the stitch is called 'broken rib'.
NEEDLES: dpn size 6 U.S. (yarn calls for size 7)

Edited to add:
I thought I would like to explain the reasoning behind my madness. I want to wear these while driving to and from work and the store, so they need to cover my fingers to keep them warm. I have diminished sensation in one of my hands and I tend to drop things, so I did not want to have to take them off to get things out of my purse, such as keys or change, and risk dropping my mitts. That led to the open-end design. If I want to wear them while knitting or typing, then I can just fold back the part covering my fingers eliminating the need to take them off. In my mind, this made them a little more versatile than mittens or gloves.


At 11/29/2008 , Blogger Chelsea the Yarngeek said...

Those are very neat!


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