Paroxysmal startitis

My son had exams until 4 p.m. yesterday (the day before the Thanksgiving holiday), and so he and my daughter were not able to start their drive home until it was getting dark. Driving a 20-year-old car in holiday traffic over 3 mountain passes in freezing temperatures in the dark is concerning to me. I decided I would not allow myself to be fearful, but I noticed I was increasingly unsettled as the day wore on. I had the sudden need to knit a second pair of gloves, and so when I had trouble concentrating on work I would pick up my yarn for a few minutes (I am still surprised how much that helps focus my thoughts). I went from gloves to mittens to fingerless mittens to 'I will decide when I get there' indecisiveness. It is going to be a quick knit. I think fingerless mittens that are extra long to cover my fingers will be perfect - which would make them 'fingertip-less mittens'.

p.s. My kids arrived just fine and on time. Silly mother.
p.p.s. Nothing wrong with 20-year-old cars. My car is 20+. I noticed that sometimes young drivers don't always recognize a car's warning signs that maintenance is needed.


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