The cooling trend in the weather has made me realize that I need gloves. I have some Socks that Rock medium weight in my stash that is a beautiful blue color. I am using The Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns by Ann Budd as a guideline, and as I knit the cuff I will be formulating a design for the back of the hand.

I like blue. I will enjoy having this color on my hands where I can gaze at it.


At 10/10/2008 , Blogger Chelsea the Yarngeek said...

You're in my head! I was just thinking about making gloves this morning...

Get out of my head!!! :)

At 10/11/2008 , Anonymous Jeanne said...

I need to make a pair of gloves too! Love the yarn - they will be beautiful gloves.

At 10/11/2008 , Anonymous stalepeeps said...

A year or so ago I made a pair of elbow length gloves for a barrista at the coffee house where we went to a knit group. I really want a pair for myself and you have inspired me to make them!

Also, Jerry and I laughed so hard at your shaping bowls...Hilarious!

At 10/19/2008 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh gorgeous Blue, I have far to little of it.

Must knit myself some blue socks!


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