I didn't want bowl breasts when I wore this sweater, so I took the bowls out when the cardigan was still damp. When dry, it had a little less fullness than what is shown in this picture.
The weather is cool now and so I broke out my woolies. A nice way to start October.

I tried to point the camera at myself to get a picture of this shawl pin. It was designed and crafted by Romi. I bought it last summer but got to use it for the first time this weekend.

I am going to have to teach one of the dogs to help me take pictures because taking them of myself isn't working so well.

My Yorkshire Tweed cardigan is finished. I sewed the buttons on tonight. It was a dark day and there was not enough light from the lamps, but the camera flash took it to the other extreme. The buttons are actually similar in color to the cardigan.

Now if I can just get a decent picture of it in action.

Come here Sparky....


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