Rip the WIP, froggy

Is it possible to have too much fun knitting? I think that it is possible for me, yes.

I was having so much fun knitting this pattern with this yarn and these needles that I refused to see that there was a problem. A little voice kept nagging me to check the sweater fronts but I kept knitting. check it....Check It.....CHECK IT. Okay! So I held them up. Uh huh. I am knitting both fronts of my cardigan at the same time on one long circular needle. Each front is about the width that the back will be. This makes the sweater considerably wider than I planned. Yes, I did a swatch. My guage was different so I did the math. Then the train jumped the tracks . Wow. All I can think is "Did I really do that?" Yup.

to the frog pond.


At 11/24/2007 , Blogger Violiknit said...

Oh no! After all that work... :(


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